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Join our December 2021 Challenge

Our 30 Day Challenge gives you full access to experience our training programmes, our unique approach to fitness and to work alongside our coaching team to get the best from every experience.

12 x small-group personal training sessions

Our SGPT classes combine high-quality coaching that focusses on what you really in an environment that becomes infectious.

(55 Minutes)

Movement discovery & optional body composition analysis

Every fitness journey needs a starting point and this ones yours. We take time to assess your starting point to make sure what follows meets the goal.

(55 Minutes)

Unlimited group fitness classes

Drop into our group training classes whenever for all the extra feel-good vibes. Support with lifestyle management and nutrition planning.

(55 Minutes)


A state of the art heart rate monitor (which is yours to keep).

Stay ontop of your fitness both inside and outside of the gym with live data tracking throughout your workouts – no guessing needed here.

Prefer to talk to a member of the team?
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