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DebSki - Ski-Erg Half Marathon, 2km Swim x5! With a Full Marathon Ski-Erg Warm Up Thrown in For Fun!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

On 1st May for 5 consecutive days the rather CRAZY but incredibly inspirational lady that is Debbie Brackstone will be taking on a Ski-Erg Half Marathon and a 2km Swim. She'll complete both parts of the challenge EVERY Day Monday to Friday.

And to hit the ground running she'll be starting on Thursday 30th March with a Full Marathon Ski-Erg Thrown in For Fun!

Please get behind Debbie and show your support she's been working incredibly hard (as ever) in her training and it's been an absolute pleasure to see the determination and sheer grit she's got every time she sets about her training! ⭐️

TIFFERS! Thursday 30th March...

Ski alongside Debbie on Thursday 30th March during her FULL Marathon in Stafford. Book via Quoox and come and show her your support!

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Go Debbie!!!

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