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Vitamin and mineral rich foods vs highly processed foods and conveniences foods.

It’s true that when you’re looking for help and guidance when it comes to nutrition it’s a fairly crowded online platform especially when social media fills your timeline full of fitness gurus and their take on food!

‘Health foods’ are a commonly branded around concept with an association that they can help you to lose weight. Unfortunately it’s not the case. BUT 'health foods' are rich in vitamins and minerals

something which we too often take for granted. Energy, absorption and keeping that immune system firing are just some of the reasons why what you’re eating is so important.

Highly processed foods aren’t the devil, they’re not ‘naughty’ and don’t need to be completely evicted from the diet altogether. Highly processed foods are not the reason you gaining weight (calories are king) but what you’re eating directly effects your output. Energy levels, mood and motivation are all governed by what goes in through the hole at the top!

If you’re eating high-energy, vitamin packed foods you’ll FEEL better which means dragging yourself out of bed at a reasonable time of day, going outside and doing some exercise and every managing your mood and stresses throughout the day will be much, much easier.

Fill yourself full of the easy to grab convenience foods that are jam-packed with ingredients you’ve never heard of and far too many to count and you’ll constantly be fighting what comes next. Highly processed foods have very little nutrition or fibre to help with digestion so whilst you’re fuelled with calories it has nothing to support its own digestion as well as fulfil our body’s needs, so when you’re eating a steady trickle of foods with little nutritional content our body’s have to find those vitamins and minerals from elsewhere to support the lack of nutrients coming in.

Now we’re not saying there’s not a time and a place and that processed foods can’t be eaten ever again but if you aim to keep your diet full of colourful, vitamin rich foods (still remembering calories are king) it’ll have a huge impact on how you feel which makes your adherence so much more manageable! You’ll have more energy, a clearer mind and you’ll be in the best position to optimise your day to day life and training results.

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